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Relieve Your Employment Time Management Hassle With Web Based Time Clock

Running business and directing it towards profit is an ultimate goal for small, medium and large business owners. All they do is employ various skilled persons for various processes that are to be followed in the organization. One such tedious task is managing employees, their attendance, break times, and processing their payroll. Maintaining all your employee clock in, clock out and break times in a paper book and at the end of the month calculating the working hours each employee become a cumbersome process. This also leads to origin of various issues related attendance and salary processing if the manual errors persists, whereas the manual errors include miscalculation of working hours during addition and subtraction of clock times and due to wrong time calculation of the salary amount will not be right and which either be increased or decreased.


Many would suggest you to go for trying any time clock software, but before that you need to ensure that you have the proper hardware and software requirements. To avoid all your employee attendance time management sorrows, has introduced the web based time clock available at any time for you.

Features List

With the bunch of features incorporated in the time clock wizard and with intuitive simple user interface helps you have appropriate payroll processing. Some of the features are listed below

  • Your managers can edit the clock in and clock out time, which helps you to round of the time or make an entry if someone misses their access.
  • Gives you the ability to schedule the time or your workers and also to process any shift change request.
  • Employees can exchange their shifts among the co-workers.
  • You can preset the paid time off benefits, and process vacation requests, and many more.
  • The dashboard enables your employees to have an overview of their current schedule.

The timely reports i.e. payroll reports, timesheet reports, contact reports, schedule reports are available for you, and also you can export them as excel, csv, word, and pdf files.